Mortem et Gloriam Competitions

Ribble Rumble

Name Position Army
Alasdair Harley 1 Early Lithuanian
Jason Broomer 2 Ottoman Turkish
Ray Duggins 3 Medieval German
Nik Gaukroger 4 Muslim Indian Sultanates
Will Denham 5 Sengoku Japanese
Matthew Poole 6 Crown of Aragon
James Hamilton 7 Republic of Venice
Geoff Pearson 8 Medieval Portuguese
WILPUTTE JACQUES 9 Medieval Frisian or Dithmarschen
Matt Haywood 10 Early Outremer States
Sam Street 11 Ming Chinese
Bruce Rollett 12 North African Dynasties
Paul Cummins 13 Feudal German
Jon Skipper 14 Free Company
Stephen Clarke 15 Middle Swiss
Ian Crosby 16 Medieval Welsh
Stephen Stead 17 Later Northern Song
Stuart Tonge 18 Medieval Alan
Leslie Mitchell 19 Kamakura Samurai
Peter Entwistle 20 Lý, Trần and Hồ Vietnam
Bill Skinner 21 Ottoman Turkish
Fraser Green 22 Late Swiss