Mortem et Gloriam Competitions

Out of the Dark Ages 2019

Name Position Army
Jason Broomer 1 Ottoman Turkish
Laurence Donohoe 2 Later Lithuanian
Sam Street 3 Medieval German
Will Denham 4 Early Scots
Ray Duggins 5 Medieval German
Stuart Tonge 6 Nikephorian Byzantine
Matthew Poole 7 Yorkist English
Stephen Stead 8 Medieval Frisian or Dithmarschen
Bill Skinner 9 Medieval Polish
Peter Entwistle 10 Late Swiss
WILPUTTE JACQUES 11 Albanian Principalities
Robin Spence 12 Norman
Geoff Pearson 13 Medieval Portuguese
Ian Crosby 14 Nikephorian Byzantine
Roger Whittam 15 Peoples Crusade