Mortem et Gloriam Player Details

The ranking score is based on the top 4 scores from non-Old Competitions
Name ArmypositionscorepointsPlayersOld Comp
Ray DugginsSkull Rollers 2019Early Arab Conquest105719.138
Ray DugginsCampaign 201926718.918
Ray DugginsDerventio 2019Early Macedonian10 14.822
Ray DugginsOut of the Dark Ages 2019Medieval German5 14.715
Ray DugginsMeglomaniacs IIILater Northern Song4 11.814
Ray DugginsWarfare 2019Isin-Larsa13371020
Ray DugginsRibble Rumble 2019Crown Of Aragon10368.816
Ray DugginsTOIL 2019Early Arab Conquest15 7.520
Ray DugginsBattle on the Belisima14173.816
Ray DugginsRoll Call 2019Silla Korean24 124
Ray DugginsRibble RumbleMedieval German3 22.722
Ray DugginsDerventio 2018Greuthingi or Early Ostrogoth44416.316
Ray DugginsWarfare 2018Greuthingi or Early Ostrogoth8 16.320
Ray DugginsBritcon 2018Greuthingi or Early Ostrogoth11 13.622
Ray DugginsMeglomaniacs 2018Late Swiss33612.512
Ray DugginsSkull Rollers Jamborie 2018Late Swiss164311.628
Ray DugginsCampaign 2018Lowland Gallic10351018
Ray DugginsMeglomaniacs II 2018Greuthingi or Early Ostrogoth3 7.89