Mortem et Gloriam Player Details

The ranking score is based on the top 4 scores from non-Old Competitions
Name ArmypositionscorepointsPlayersOld Comp
Jason BroomerWarfare 2019Middle Assyrian1572520
Jason BroomerRoll Call 2019Rajput Indian2552424
Jason BroomerBriton 2019Catalan Company in Anatolia2 23.922
Jason BroomerSkull Rollers 2019Ottoman Turkish4662338
Jason BroomerOut of the Dark Ages 2019Ottoman Turkish1 2015
Jason BroomerBrighton et Gloriam 2019Alexandrian Expeditionary3 17.516
Jason BroomerGT 2019Catalan Company in Anatolia25813.914
Jason BroomerSkull Rollers Jamborie 2018Alexandrian Macedonian26624.128
Jason BroomerRibble RumbleOttoman Turkish2 23.922
Jason BroomerWarfare 20185 2020
Jason BroomerWarfare 2017Baekje Korean34817.516
Jason BroomerRoll Call 2018Serbian Empire45016.718
Jason BroomerBritcon 20164 16.316
Jason BroomerBritcon 2017Alexandrian Macedonian9 16.323
Jason BroomerBrighton et Gloriam 2018Alexandrian Expeditionary1491514
Jason BroomerMeglomaniacs 2018Alexandrian Macedonian24013.812
Jason BroomerChallenge 2018Alexandrian Macedonian35412.914
Jason BroomerDerby Worlds 2017Alexandrian Macedonian84012.218
Jason BroomerBritcon 2018Alexandrian Macedonian22 1.122