Mortem et Gloriam Player Details

The ranking score is based on the top 4 scores from non-Old Competitions
Name ArmypositionscorepointsPlayersOld Comp
Adrian NashWarfare 2019Nubian35322.520
Adrian NashSkull Rollers 2019Aragonese Sicilian75821.138
Adrian NashBrighton et Gloriam 2019Mid Republican Roman2 18.816
Adrian NashRoll Call 2019Eastern Han113714.624
Adrian NashTOIL 2019Norman11 12.520
Adrian NashRoll Call 20172 18.816
Adrian NashWarfare 2018Eastern Later Roman9 1520
Adrian NashDerby Worlds 2017Norman64214.418
Adrian NashGoedendag 2018Mid Republican Roman3371210
Adrian NashDevizes 2018Mid Republican Roman5 10.714
Adrian NashRoll Call 2018Serbian Empire13346.718
Adrian NashWarfare 2017First Crusade1337516
Adrian NashGoedendag 2017Mid Republican Roman10253.812
Adrian NashSkull Rollers Jamborie 2018Maximilian German27241.828