Mortem et Gloriam Player Details

The ranking score is based on the top 4 scores from non-Old Competitions
Name ArmypositionscorepointsPlayersOld Comp
Dave ParishDerventio 2019Spartan5 20.522
Dave ParishBriton 2019Georgian6 19.322
Dave ParishTOIL 2019Carolingian7 17.520
Dave ParishCampaign 201946016.718
Dave ParishBrighton et Gloriam 2019Achaemenid Persian - Satrapal Army5 1516
Dave ParishRoll Call 2019Ming Chinese153510.424
Dave ParishSkull Rollers 2019Nikephorian Byzantine27427.938
Dave ParishWarfare 2019Early Arab18303.820
Dave ParishBritcon 20163 17.516
Dave ParishRoll Call 2018Albanian Principalities54615.618
Dave ParishBrighton et Gloriam 2018Early Imperial Roman34812.914
Dave ParishWarfare 2017Komnenan Byzantine74512.516
Dave ParishCampaign 2017Eastern Later Roman45611.312
Dave ParishMeglomaniacs 2018Early Anglo-Irish43411.312
Dave ParishCampaign 2018Ming Chinese94511.118
Dave ParishSkull Rollers Jamborie 2018Early Anglo-Irish174010.728
Dave ParishChallenge 2017Later Carthaginian4 10.510
Dave ParishDerventio 2018Classical Indian9341016
Dave ParishSkull Rollers Jamborie 2017Eastern Han10321018
Dave ParishBritcon 2018Mid Republican Roman15 9.122
Dave ParishRoll Call 201712 6.316
Dave ParishWarfare 2018Hunnic17 520
Dave ParishOxford 2017Nikephorian Byzantine12152.313