Mortem et Gloriam Player Details

The ranking score is based on the top 4 scores from non-Old Competitions
Name ArmypositionscorepointsPlayersOld Comp
Adrian PitfieldBattle on the Belisima5321516
Adrian PitfieldGT 2019Norman9326.414
Adrian PitfieldRoll Call 2019Later Nomadic Mongol20285.224
Adrian PitfieldBriton 2019Anglo Norman19 4.522
Adrian PitfieldTOIL 2019Norman18 3.820
Adrian PitfieldDerventio 2019Graeco-Bactrian21 2.322
Adrian PitfieldCampaign 201917272.218
Adrian PitfieldSkull Rollers 2019Anglo Norman37291.338