Yuan Dynasties

Why Use them

A combination of some very points efficient troops - Powerbow, crossbow, and polearm.
Some decent infantry and some dangerous cavalry.


  • Some decent infantry and some dangerous cavalry.
  • Protected Crossbows with extra bonus anti-cavalry squads in TUGs of 7 get the nice odd sized TUG advantage that they only break on a death, not a single wound, so you get more of a chance to rescue them.
  • Superior drilled polearms can fight anything without feeling too overwhelmed.


  • only 2 units of decent melee foot
  • Mongols are expensive
  • you have to downgrade 1/3 of foot to poor

Using them in MeG

One block of shooty infantry with a bunch of mongols jumping out to scare people.


From Derby 2017
1x4 Khans Guard (Exceptional powerbow/shortspear/melee expert)
1x6 Mongols (Superior powerbow/shortspear/melee expert)
1x6 Mongols (Average, flexible, unprotected powerbow/shortspear)
1x6 Mongol skirmishers (Average, unprotected, powerbow)
1x8 Chinese Guard (Superior, drilled close, polearm)
1x8 spear and sword men (Average, drilled flexible, polearm)
2x7 Xbow/Anti Cavalry (Average, protected, drilled, crossbow and 1 close order 2H Cut Crush)
1x8 Crap xbow (poor, unprotected, combat shy crossbow)
1x6 really crap spearmen (poor protected, short spear)
1x3 light artillery