Middle Republican Roman

Middle Republican Roman

Why Use them

Once described as 'An army to be run by politicians', this ancient insult actually turned itself into a complement as this was an army that was so well trained it could run itself!
If you want an army that conquered the world, this is it!
Carthage and Macedonia both succumbed to it.
Some might say the Marian reforms produced the ultimate army, with Feneeals like Caesar (X Legion are exceptional) and Pompey but they were consolidating the conquests of the Scipii and others when state after state fell under Rome's sandle!
Characterised by the introduction of an even more professional service, and described by Polybius, the Roman army was now characterised by the 'Manipular System', based of class of service.
Velites ot Levies led the way,, skirmishers, armed with javelins and short spears, to hunt down enemy skirmishers or to deal with threats like enemy elephants.
Then came the Hastatii, using the infamous Pila, long shield and short thrusting sword, weapons that would lead to Tome dominating the ancient world.
The Principes were armed the same, but veterans and more heavily armoured.
Behind these were the Triarii, veterans of many campaigns, armed with long spears, and the very cream of the Roman fighting prowess! They also offer the only units in MeG that can be two stands, one wide! Great supporting or flanking troops, but watch out as they are brittle! They are perfect troops for acting as reserves or hunting cavalry they n the flanks.
Supporting them were Equites, cavalry, often the younger sons of the Roman merchant and banking class, they are surprisingly resilient cavalry.
Options like Pedites Exceptionali and Elephants give the army a few nasty tricks up its sleeve!
Backed by many allies and clients, giving you further options such as spears, pikes or devastating chargers. This army has a solid core with many interesting additions!
Put a professional legendary general like Scipio in charge, floating, and you will should never run out of cards where you need them


Quite simply some of the best infantry in the game. Hastatii and Principes (even at average) are impact weapons, protected, melee experts, shield cover, orb, and then you can upgrade 20 bases to superiors! What's not to love!
The other sting in this armies tail is the ability to form units of 5, breaking on 3 losses, twinned together they can pick off most enemies! 4 troopers and a Triarii. Not easy to use, but very effective if they work well and look brilliant.


Compulsory skirmishers.
You need a knowledge of ratios to get the army balanced!
Great troops = small army. You won't fill the board with this army, but also you can pick your target and kill it (usually)! Watch you don't get enveloped by your opponent!

Using them in MeG