HYW English

Hundred Years War English

Why Use them

Longbowmen are brilliant.
Dismounted men-at-arms are brilliant.
...and you get to pretend to be Henry V and make stirring speeches.


  • Longbowmen as protected melee expert can fight nearly everything else on foot. The Powerbow means they don't really have to worry too much about mounted as they will scare the hell out of them.
  • Dismounted Men-at-Arms as Fully armoured, 2HC&C, Melee expert will cut their way through pretty much anything. Put them in an 8 and they will give the Xth legion a run for their money.
  • Adding a single base of MAA to a 6 of Longbow makes a really tough unit
  • stakes make them almost immune to mounted


  • once you have shot up anything stupid enough to get close, you may struggle to chase down the survivors as they are likely to be faster than you
  • if the knights get into the longbows without stakes, it will go horribly wrong very quickly.
  • You will probably only get one round of shooting before being charged - make it a good one

Using them in MeG

  • Shoot all the things, then charge into the wreckage