Army Design Principles

Army Size

  1. Aim for an odd number of TUGs to get the most benefit of breaking on half
  2. 9 to 11 TUGs seems to be about standard in 11000 pts
    1. though an army of 7 TUGs (Nikephorean Byzantine?) came 4th at Britcon 2017
    2. Huge armies that break on 7 were floating around as well

Command Structure

Getting your command structure correct can make a massive difference to how effective your army is going to be.

  1. Think about how your army is going to manoeuvre
  2. As a starting point
    1. 1 card per TUG for a professional command
    2. 1 per TUG +1 for an instinctive command
    3. a shooty cavalry wing will need more cards than a static foot command
    4. A tribal foot army will not be doing much manoeuvring, but will still want decent generals to move in blocks
  3. if you want to fight with your generals there is a bit of a trade-off
    1. Mediocre generals getting themselves killed is not much of a loss as they come back as mediocre
      1. ..but they are more likely to die and trigger KABs

TUG and SUG sizes

  1. Bigger is tougher
    1. ..but more difficult to manoeuvre
    2. ..and means the army breakpoint is smaller
  2. Mounted
    1. 6s seem best for cavalry you want to use to fight
    2. unprotected flexible cav really want to be in 6s so they can be effective in skirmish formation
    3. real skirmish mounted want to be in 6s too
    4. your rock-hard final strike guys might get away with being in 4s
      1. as might cavalry that is there to do missile fire only