Army Design Principles

Army Size

  1. Aim for an odd number of TUGs to get the most benefit of breaking on half
  2. 9 to 11 TUGs seems to be about standard in 11000 pts
    1. though an army of 7 TUGs (Nikephorean Byzantine?) came 4th at Britcon 2017
    2. Huge armies that break on 7 were floating around as well

Command Structure

Getting your command structure correct can make a massive difference to how effective your army is going to be.

  1. Think about how your army is going to manoeuvre
  2. As a starting point
    1. 1 card per TUG for a professional command
    2. 1 per TUG +1 for an instinctive command
    3. a shooty cavalry wing will need more cards than a static foot command
    4. A tribal foot army will not be doing much manoeuvring, but will still want decent generals to move in blocks
  3. if you want to fight with your generals there is a bit of a trade off
    1. Mediocre generals getting themselves killed is not much of a loss as they come back as mediocre
      1. ..but they are more likely to die and trigger KABs